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    6 Week Classroom Session


    Cultivate the Champion Within

  • Leadership, Mindset, Excellence

    "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now."

    I will be using the lessons I learned throughout my career to help the development of youth athletes. Topics will include discovering your WHY, goal setting, visualization, managing adversity, effective communication, and leadership skills.

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    Experiencing consecutive losses at the Olympics forced our team to implement essential changes for future success. I want to use these lessons to help young athletes understand the importance of daily habits. My goal is to instill the mindset that success is built one day at a time!

  • What to Expect

    Week 1: Intro/Discovering Your Strengths and Passions

    Week 2: Goal Setting and Action Planning

    Week 3: Building Confidence and Resilience

    Week 4: Effective Communication and Leadership Skills

    Week 5: Managing Adversity and Overcoming Challenges

    Week 6: Visualization and Goal Achievement

  • Any Questions?

    The core of GoldMind Academy will be centered on athlete development. Every week, we will cover a new topic, building on the progress made in prior weeks. Some athletes may excel in certain areas, but it is vital to give equal attention to all sessions. This balanced approach will help identify and improve both strengths and weaknesses daily. If you have any questions regarding the Academy, please reach out!

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