Delucia and Sons Inc.

Local Civil and Site Contractor a Key Team Member at Maples Crossing

Along with our many partnerships here at Maples Crossing, we wanted to highlight DeLucia and Sons Inc. They are the civil and site contractor here on campus and have been on the forefront of the construction happening throughout this past year. Not only have the great people at DeLucia been exceptional to work with, but their standards align with ours here at Maples. Son Rocci Jr. states, “We firmly believe that the future success of the company lies with maintaining the values and generational experience of the past, together with the formulation of solid and successful relationships of the future.”

DeLucia & Son Inc. was established in Massachusetts in 1971 by a father and son team, and is still run by the 2nd,3rd, and 4th generations. The family prides itself in getting the job done right, the first time. This has cultivated not only repeat business, but an extremely strong reputation in this region. They have prioritized their many relationships with business owners, developers, general contractors, and property managers, and it is evident in how they are looked upon by people they’ve worked with past and present. Their reputation, is second to none.

DeLucia & Sons have done projects throughout the North Shore and New Hampshire for many years. They are currently helping us here at Maples Crossing to build the lower campus YMCA early learning center, turf field, parking lot, walkways, and more. And we couldn’t be more appreciative of their efforts. “The entire team at DeLucia has been creative, knowledgeable, and collaborative every step of the way. On a very challenging site, their experience and expertise has been not only welcomed, but relied on. And they have surpassed our expectations at every step of the process” says Trevor Smith of the development team.  

We asked the family-owned business a few questions about their success over the past 50 plus years.

How does being a family owned and operated business help you stand out?

The uniqueness of our family business is simple, the work never stops. When the job sites shut down for the day, when the office closes, when all the machines are parked for the night, the work just never stops. The work ethic is a part of our family, always. Believe it or not, even when we try to ‘escape’ the work mind-set, somehow, the conversation always points towards the company. This just further shows how passionate our family is about what we do. We know generations before us built this company, and we are thankful to continue the legacy, passion and drive they built.

How important is it for you, as a company, to be able to impact your surrounding community with your work, such as a project like Maples Crossing?

Where 90% of our employees originated from the coastal MA & NH region – projects right in our backyard hit close to home. To be a part of the transformation of such a large and well known area, to us, is unlike anything else. It’s a great accomplishment knowing we are literally transforming this space from the ground up for it soon to be in used by thousands of locals and out-of-staters. We take pride in seeing our work become a large part of a community’s life and that is why we continue to do what we do.

DeLucia & Sons Inc. has a history of helping local individuals get into the construction industry, with things like summer internships for athletes. Can you please expand on this?

As the generations of our family continued to grow the business, it was helpful and rewarding for us to involve younger people from the community. As far back as we can recall, our doors have been open to high-school students and their circle of peers to work at the shop on the weekends. This was an early opportunity to open the door to young people and to offer them training that gives them a taste of the world of earthwork and construction. This typically started with one or two of the DeLucia boys, recruiting their friends to come together for not just work, but responsibility. Many of these students were and are high-performing athletes. With the offering of a very flexible work schedule, we believe these youngsters were able to build their time-management skills. We strive for our younger employees to excel in their sports and studies all while getting their hands dirty at work.