• My Philosophy

    1% Better Everyday through the 5 pillars of Athletic Preparation

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    Skills for your sport are crucial at a young age. Stick-handling, shooting, edge work, angling, pivots, and crossovers are all basic technical skills that can be worked on every single day through various actions.

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    In any sport there are systems defensively and offensively when you have possession or you don't. Each position has a role that must be played correctly in order for a team to succeed.

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    In addition to skills and systems there must be a priority for the weight room. Throughout my career and with age, I learned the weight room is where athletes see some of their biggest improvements. Mobility, strength training, and conditioning are all areas that need to be utilized for improvement.

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    As well as training your body, the most crucial part of athlete preparation is training your mind. Throughout my career I have found this piece of sport and life is the most important. Through imagery, visualization, focus breathing, and self-talk; these skills helped improve my on-ice performance.

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    +1 (Extra) Being a good Teammate

    Focusing on individual improvement is important to a team sport because you are being held accountable by your coaches and teammates. Team sports are beautiful because everyone has one common goal. If you can create a healthy tight-knit culture with high buy-in, success will follow.