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    Turf Rules and Regulations

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    Maples Crossing Code of Conduct

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    Inclement Weather Procedures

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    Any recreational sports or activities are welcomed at Maples Crossing

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    • Full soccer field with regulation 8' x 24' goals.
    • 1/3 soccer field with youth goals.
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    • Full field with regulation 6' x 6' goals.
    • 1/3 field with youth 4' x 4' goals. 
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    Flag Football

    • Regulation Field for tournament play and recreational use.
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    Field Hockey

    • Regulation Field Hockey goals for tournament play and recreational use.
  • Maples Crossing Adult Soccer League

    Sunday Morning starting April 2nd for 10 weeks 7:30-9am

  • Want to Play?

    Send us the sport or league your interested in playing and we'll make it happen.

  • Maples Movement

    Maples Movement Registration Information

    Maples Movement: A Holistic Morning Exercise Class on the Turf Field


    When: Tuesday 9:00am - 10:15am
    Where: Turf field
    Cost: FREE


    About the Class:
    Maples Movement is an adult exercise class focusing on overall wellness. The class incorporates foam rolling, warm-ups, mobility exercises, strength training, dynamic movement, and stretching. Crafted to be inclusive for all fitness levels, the class focuses on movement essentials designed to help participants stay healthy, active, and agile.

    What to Expect:
    Exercises include resistance bands, squats, dynamic movements, ladder exercises, and mobility/stability work. All movements are modifiable, making the class accessible to everyone.

    Please wear athletic clothes and comfortable sneakers. Bring water and a sweat towel. Come with a positive attitude, great work ethic, and open mind.

    Key Focus:

    Form is paramount in Maples Movement. Each exercise, whether it's squats or mobility work, is performed with utmost attention to proper alignment and controlled movements.

    Who Should Join:

    -Those new to exercise seeking a balanced and inclusive fitness routine.

    -Professionals looking for a time-efficient and effective workout.

    -Athletes interested in improving their functional strength and mobility.

    Exercise Modifications:

    If you cannot perform a specific exercise, alternative options will be provided to ensure you benefit fully from the class.


    Make the most of this opportunity to energize your mornings and elevate your fitness. Your first class is on us!