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    I read this book in January and felt the need to describe some of the lessons I learned from it.


    The Author continuously compares Coolers, Closers, and Cleaners. I created this sheet to help differentiate between those 3.


    Bottom line=Be a Cleaner


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    Superstitions in Sport

    Most players have pre-game/in-game routines that can lead to superstitions. These habits calm players before games and also helps them focus and dial in. Getting the mind right! The important thing is not letting these habits control you. Don't obsess over it-use it as your preparation.


    I personally only had one true superstition and that was listening to the same exact song before getting to the rink either on the bus or while driving/walking.


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    The Impact of Social Media

    I believe social media can be a positive tool to help guide and motivate people. But I also see it as a negative in some ways as well.


    My negative is that I waste too much time on social media. I am scrolling through the nonsense to make the time go by.


    When I feel like it helps me, I use it as a resource—finding quotes or passages that motivate and inspire me. Workouts/fitness/nutrition/business/poetry are all topics I enjoy going on social media for.


    The younger generation is being affected by it the most. There are many more pressures in life because of social media, and more and more kids are comparing themselves to others, or needing validation, and hiding behind a screen.




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    We've all subconsciously visualized events in our minds.


    Competition, practice, tryouts, work, presentations, meetings, exams.


    That tiny bit of anxiety creeps in and we start overthinking. We visualize because it helps us try to prepare for the unknown. Replaying an event over and over helps us remember the important details.

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    Imagery session topics for the 2018 Olympic year

    I would implement this training 3-4 times a week for 5-10 min a time. That's all it takes to condition the brain but it has to be done consistently.


    - Imagine the crowd, noises, cheers, booing, horns, lights

    - Know where you are on the ice (distance from net, boards, blue/red lines, etc.

    - Positive thinking always (winning battles, protecting the puck, possession, crisp passes, shots through)




    The role of a parent has a big impact on the child's mentality. Building confidence in children at a young age is crucial, but continuing to drive the importance of work ethic & attitude is equally important.




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  • Commitment Continuum

    How Committed Are You?

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    "Motivation is what gets you started, commitment is what keeps you going" -Jim Ryun


    Sports can separate good players from great players. Few athletes can become successful by just showing up. Natural talent can only get you so far. Work ethic, attitude, and commitment are actions we can control on a daily basis.


    I have personally been all over this continuum throughout my career. The key for me as I got older was to never backtrack. I always try to climb the ladder each day no matter what the goal is!


    When you reach it, keep climbing!!

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    How to move up the Continuum

    Awareness-Know where you are and be honest with yourself
    Acceptance-It might be tough love but once accepted, it can start to improve
    Analysis-What is lacking? What motivates you? What environment do you need?

    Start Taking Action-1% Better Everyday


    Janssen, J. (n.d.). 7 steps to move someone up the commitment continuum™. Janssen Sports Leadership Center. Retrieved March 22, 2022, from

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    "Vision Without Action is Merely a Dream. Vision With Action Can Change the World"

    -Joel A Barker

    My teammate, Brianna Decker and I created this vision board leading up to the 2018 Olympics.


    We used this as motivation everyday, focusing on our team and individual goals, while building off the improvements we made throughout that year. We took a picture of it and brought it to PyeongChang with us.


    Keys to vision board: POSITIVE!! Cheers, smiles, measurable, attainable, and purposeful. Outcomes YOU want to see, Feelings YOU want to feel.


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